Saturday, June 6, 2015

Shhhh - a surprise in the works....

My friend K has been undergoing some pretty severe health issues for a couple of years now and earlier this year began going through multiple severe surgeries to rebuild her jaw and has had complications all the way through (read: shingles, pneumonia, multiple infections, etc.). In a visit this week her husband expressed how much depression has crept in for her, but that he just didn't know how to help her - and it hit me... She needs help warding off those dementors! She's been my biggest fan as I've created each of the PoD and multifandom quilts and every single time has said - You should make me one!

So this week I sent out a call to my fellow Doomer's to see if they'd help me put one together - it's no small feat and I am overwhelmed with the love support and eagerness of this wonderful group of women to pitch in to raise someone's spirits.  Literally in the course of about 6 hours, all but a few of the 30 quilt squares were signed up for.  K's birthday is early August, and I have no doubt that I will easily be able to get it done before then.  

A sneak peek for you at some that are already done...

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