Saturday, September 19, 2015

Birthday in the

Hexies have been dominating my time at present, but when I came across this picture on pinterest I couldn't resist - and I knew immediately who I wanted to make one for!

My Mom's birthday was coming up this next week - so after downloading the templates (listed on page 8 of the pdf) I kind of had to finagle my own directions since I couldn't find any specific directions.  And here are the results....

I opted to stuff the top with fiberfill and then added some play sand to give it a little weight at the bottom to keep the pincushion steady.  I also had to back the button wheels with some cardboard to keep them upright.

I'm in love with it.

Enough that I'd like to make my own - but I think when I do, I'll use a dowel glued between the button wheels to make it more steady.  So FUN and CUTE!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A very Hexie Halloween

The weather has cooled down and the humidity has died down and I decided it was time to take on a smaller personal project with a subject I have been watching on Instagram for a few months now - HEXIES!  I've never done any kind of hand stitched projects of this kind - but the simplicity and ease that a few regulars assure me of and I decided it would be a great way to create something for Halloween (my most favorite holiday ever), and learn a new skill.

I broke out a few "how-to" type blog posts (thread basted vs. glue)
and found some printable templates (because I'm too impatient to order any) and because several hexie makers I follow assured me paper is fine.

and then I had to decide what size... and since most of my scraps I've saved from the multi-fandom and harry potter project of doom quilts are smaller, I opted for 1.5 inch hexies and I sat and cut, and cut and cut...  And then I broke out the fabric scraps and selected the colors I wanted (gray, black, orange, green, purple) and at first I was fussy and used a 2 inch template to cut out fabric, and then realized I could just use square pieces and it was a little easier.

And VERY quickly I amassed a small pile

 My kids liked playing with putting them in different combinations...

By Sunday we had a couple hundred and the girls had moved them from the floor to the table...

 and now we're playing with runner layouts....

I still have to assemble them.  My plan going forward is to assemble them in hexi flower shapes that I can then put together as a whole like these examples from My Poppet Makes and Missouri Star Quilt Company

So Much Fun!