Friday, August 22, 2014

Artist in Residence quilt

I've got Bebe's quilt started, and thought I should give a glimpse of some of AIR's quilt too

AIR loved beauty and the beast but I didn't want the obvious cloche design, so I enlarged the pattern and set it on top of books.

Homage to Dr. Who :)

This pattern was created for my project by the amazing Michelle Thompson.  I had to do some resizing to get her just right but she is spectacular!!

Homage to AIR's love of LOTR (for the life of me I could NOT get those stinking cloaks to line up exact!  Ah well, that's my moment of imperfection!)

And for a not so obvious tip of the hat to Twilight - a framed picture on top of books is enough that she remembers the story :)

Bebe's Multifandom quilt

So - progress on Bebe's quilt.....Here's the first 10

I borrowed the fishbowl from THIS pattern, and then replaced the fish with Dory  (sized down) since it made more sense for Bebe.  I didn't get the water lined up exact, but I don't think it was an issue at all.  I started with the fish (drawing the water line around it since the original pattern didn't really have any lines) and then incorporated that central piece (you can kind of see it in the picture) into the fishbowl pattern.

I incorporated two Beauty and the Beast references on her quilt - Chip (the teacup) and the Rose under cloche.  Both from FiS

Alice in Wonderland's cat Dinah was always a fascinating cat!  Bebe has a real affinity for cats in general so it doubles in meaning for her.  I need to do the stitching still.

Minions Minions Minions - Can I say I love that she's still not too old to enjoy these minions?  Sewed pattern as is in size, and then propped him on a box to fill the square a bit.  The felix felicis vial is also an extra HP pattern from the FiS site.

Probably one of the hardest patterns to date - this Mandrake takes a LOT of time and patience.  Sewn as is on pattern - there is no pot, so the pot here is added by yours truly. Pattern from the Fis extras.