Monday, November 21, 2016

Princess Quilt-a-Long

I also participated in the princess Quilt-a-Long over at fandominstitches.  It was fun having not been a tester to make these beautiful girls!  I have a few multiples since I'm dividing these girls up into to oversized castle crib quilts for some lucky girls this Christmas, More pictures to follow of completed projects.

Last Minion block...

It's been a hot minute since I updated!  Truly it's been because I've been knee deep in some special Christmas and baby projects and I just haven't been able to show off things, but now with the holidays getting close I can!

Last post I mentioned our last minion block and here she is!

She'll go in the spot that's blank - and here's the rest in it's framing...

This was SUCH a fun project and the patterns were awesome!!  A few other fandom friends put in patterns for the invitational if you are looking for some more!
You can see them all by clicking HERE!