I've had lots of questions as people begin to work through these new patterns.  Please note, these are still UNTESTED, which means they will have flaws and problem areas.  If something comes up, please feel free to contact me for resolution/fix.  I usually work on quilt-related things in the evenings since I have a regular full-time job and also make quilts for hire on the side.

If you are new/beginner to paper piecing - there are a couple of great tutorials HERE and HERE  These are NOT my tutorials, but they are the tutorials that taught me how to paper piece.

My own notes...
1.  Do not take off papers before all parts are assembled.  Leaving the papers on helps with alignment AND helps prevent stretch during assembly. I do however remove the paper in the seams during assembly (after sewing) to remove bulk.

2.  If in assembly things begin to go out of square, and it looks like the parts will not line up - DON'T PANIC!  This happens sometimes when you put together lots of pieces.  Your options are to unpick your seams and realign and understitch the line just a smidge to give room for turning (helpful on thicker fabrics) OR (what I do) Is line it up the best you can.  Stitch using your basting stitch (or largest stitch) adjusting for smaller seam allowance in some places, then ironing it over to see if you have any problems.  IF it lines up, then re-stitch with your regular smaller seam stitch to lock it in.  Proceed as normal.

3. A note on pattern pieces.  For designing pieces for Fandom In Stitches I use a program called Quilt Assistant (free, restricted use).  I have no hand in the way sections are letter/numbered.  Sometimes Single piece sections end up numbered as A1 {1}, it is simply referencing that A1 is the section, and there is 1 piece.  Likewise, I have no ability with this program to not have the section letter on every number.  I am in the process of changing programs to improve this.

4. The sewing order methoid I use is listed by sections that need to be put together, then these slightly larger groups go together to forma numbered section, for example:
A+B+C/ D+E+F/ G+H+J =1
(Section A is sewn to B is sewn to C, then when each grouping is assembled ABC is joined with DEF is joined with GHI to make larger section 1)  Numbered sections are then joined together to complete the block.

All patterns on this site are derivative art, free for your personal & non-profit use ONLY. 
Patterns not to be used for distribution, resale or manufacture.
That means no selling stuff using these patterns. No copyright infringement intended.

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