Monday, June 8, 2015

In the dark of the night

Why is it I always get inspired in the middle of sleeping?  Last night after finishing up some quilting and doing some necessary sewing (woot for fat quarter bag holders - I'll post a picture in a bit) I got to thinking about my Hunger Games quilt.  With my PoD2015 caught up I think I may return to working on the HG quilt.

I typically layout my quilts just using an excel spreadsheet (because I"m not very fancy).

Originally I had thought to mimic the icons from the movie with laurel leaves surrounding the square and the word district and the district number rounding it out - even going so far to actually piece (thanks to liljabs) one of the district words and then the sheer volume of work shimmered in front of my eyes and I began rethinking things.  This quilt is pretty big and adding all the extras really would make it insanely bigger.  You can see my sad little sketch here...

SO here's my midnight inspiration

I have just over half of the squares made, and I think I am going to solicit one of my friends with an embroidery machine to do the words - and I'll hand embroider the arrows - simple yet beautiful.  (Don't laugh at my drawings).  I love the visual impact of the colors against the black and don't want anything to really take away from that.  

I've also been on the prowl for a backing material - and here's a few I've been considering:
I love the arrow theme - and a part of me wants to just do a turned edge to the front to finish rather than a whole separate binding - but I'm not sure yet.  Right now I'm leaning to the red or every which way multi-color arrows.  We'll see.

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