Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bebe's quilt progress

We're making headway!  I feel like all I do anymore is quilt!!  Here's more of the squares from her Christmas Multifandom
a part of the regular PoD, I actually made a mistake leaving the left side on the bottom of this feather, but I liked the distinction from other quills I've sewn, so I left it!

You can't see it but those snitch wings are metallic - I like the effect it has in person - and those book spines - THAT is so Bebe!!  I love the contrast of them stacked!

Olaf - oh, Olaf.  I wasn't sure if I'd still have sanity at the end of Olaf.  I had to reduce down the pattern 1/2 size to get him to fit (which makes him a total of 5 inches) and let's just say that those twigs are TINY!  Happy with the result tho.

The Championship Egg - I was really surprised at how quickly this pattern came together and while I wish I'd enlarged it now, it worked.  Pattern from the FiS HP extras.

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