Saturday, September 27, 2014

AIR's Multifandom Quilt progress

I got a lot done this past month!  I'm hoping to get these put together before December, but we'll see.

AIR got her name (Artist in Residence) because she has always had a huge love for art.  The paint tubes came from a non-FiS freebie pattern over at Craftsy and they went together really easily.  The ravenclaw came from the 5"patterns in the HP extras section from the FiS page.  

This Malificent is an amazing pattern -- I made it during testing process and there were a few issues with getting it to line up.  It was appropriate for AIR since we call her Malificent as a play on her name as well as her love for the movie.  I've done the stitching here - I think one of the hardest parts of the pattern was getting skin tones that were different enough, without being too different.

Smaug.  He's not called the Terrible for nothing!  The original pattern does not have a book, so it took a little creative sketching on the pattern before assembling to get it in there.  This was my first attempt at adding something that wasn't original to the pattern, so it's a little wonky - but I'm happy with the overall effect.

Alice at the door is a TweLoQ pattern from FiS that I pattern tested.  This was a tough pattern to get lined up, but worth the time it took.  

I began doing some purposely fussycut spines in this quilt - how fun is that preggy woman!

The Sonic Screwdriver and wand in homage to her faves of Dr. Who and Harry - I did the screwdriver as is on the pattern for size, but changed the colors.  The glass they are sitting in wasn't exactly as I wanted, but worked.

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