Friday, August 22, 2014

Artist in Residence quilt

I've got Bebe's quilt started, and thought I should give a glimpse of some of AIR's quilt too

AIR loved beauty and the beast but I didn't want the obvious cloche design, so I enlarged the pattern and set it on top of books.

Homage to Dr. Who :)

This pattern was created for my project by the amazing Michelle Thompson.  I had to do some resizing to get her just right but she is spectacular!!

Homage to AIR's love of LOTR (for the life of me I could NOT get those stinking cloaks to line up exact!  Ah well, that's my moment of imperfection!)

And for a not so obvious tip of the hat to Twilight - a framed picture on top of books is enough that she remembers the story :)

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