Friday, February 24, 2017

to the beach to the beach to the beach...

What a whirlwind of a beginning to this year!  I've set a few goals in quilting and in enjoying life.  I don't do resolutions, I just pick one things to get really good at each year.  It cuts down on the self-flogging when I utterly fail.  LOL  This year my goal is to learn to design paper pieced patterns.  I'm excited at the challenge.  My other goal for the year is to take advantage of opportunities to relax and get away from the day to day grind.  This weekend the girls and I realized we all had two days off - so in a flash I found a hotel and we ran away.  BEST. IDEA. EVER.
She ran down to the water and just stood there.  My land-locked mermaid had all the feels and it was oddly emotional.  We had quite a few moments of realizing how wound we all were.

It's 7:15. These two hard-working girls have had a rough bunch of things over the last few months. Me too. I'm so grateful the stars aligned and we all three finally had the same two days off. Coming to the beach was the best decision ever. The trip is short but my spiritual soul is again reminded of the gifts my heavenly Father brings into my life and I feel more at peace. #familiesareforever#thebeachrestoresmysoul #lovethesetwo#grateful

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