Tuesday, February 28, 2017

I can Maybe figure this out?

So my one big goal this year is to learn to design using Quilt Assistant which is a freebie program!  I've done a bit of googlemoogling trying to find some tutorials and the like, but there isn't a lot.  Alida (TweloQ) does have a good one.

I've been going through the QA manual and playing with snapping lines and removing them, and trying to think of things in terms of pattern testing so that the design makes sense.  it's a lot harder than you think.

My first attempt was to try and create a pattern for Hamilton the musical since Fandominstitches has a call out for patterns.  I don't think it's too bad.

The hardest part is not just the making the pattern, it's writing the pattern.  There are SO. MANY. DETAILS.

Tips that I've learned:
1.  block out the image in your mind in "pieces".
2.  check your image size so you aren't making an enormous piece that doesn't translate when you have to reduce size.  (not that I've done this more than once or anything)
3..  To save your pattern, or "map" (ie the layout overall - found on the design tab in the print box), Print to PDF and save it.  Save them individually.  And you'll need both the "map" and the pattern, as well as a cover.
4..  You can turn off the colors in the map so testers won't hate you because of having too many ink colors/saturation by unchecking the "show image" and "show color numbers" on the design tab.
5..  Find a good PDF joiner if you don't have Adobe Pro.  I use this one.
6. Get brave and submit it for testing.

It's a little like having a baby.

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