Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sharing with others- Teaching Others to Paper Piece

I've got a lot of sweet comments and compliments from local friends who like to see what I've been up to - a few with kids who have their own fandom loves, and each time they say "I could never do that, all those pieces!".  This year I pledged to see if I couldn't share some of the love I got when I first started by passing on what I know to others.

That's right - it's my very first ever, beginner paper piecing quilting class.

So.... coming April 23rd, in connection with the women's auxiliary group at our church (aka Relief Society), these women will get the guts of paper piecing.


Rather than dive right into fandom things, we're going with a littler simpler pattern...  This one (Nell's Star) is beautiful and a good beginning place since it's one corner, repeated four times, and then joined to give the star effect.  

It also serves to kill two birds with one stone.  I'd love to have each woman make a star to donate toward our GIRL quilt for our Christmas charity quilt donation, rather than me just making another quilt.  I think that letting each woman pick her own color palette, and sashing the whole thing with some kind of black or gray that will let the colors pop!

More updates to come!

I was really unprepared for the wonderful response, interest and committed sign ups from these women - and I'm looking forward to sharing things.  Keep me in your prayers!!!

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