Sunday, March 20, 2016

L's Birthday Quilt

I pledged last year that I wasn't going to do any more bookshelf style quilts for a little while because they are so much work!  Of course, that's before my sweet daughter-in-law mentioned how much she loved my girl's quilts and would love to have her own!  So....  one more was put together... with lots of Pirates of the Carribean patterns (Jack Sparrow, the Squid, Ship), Jack Skellington and Sally, and of course Harry Potter patterns.  

Apple green edges, lots of new patterns from Harry Potter design Invitational!

Checking out the Marauder's Map 

I backed this one in minky material with no batting (we live in the south), and it worked out really well!

So glad that she enjoys it! I hope she'll have lots of ongoing comfort from it!

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