Sunday, May 1, 2016

I Open at the Close - What to do with all those HP Project of Doom Squares

Last year I made Owlsea's Hogwarts School Banner (Pattern Here) and also did the QAL of the "Dark Arts" HP Squares - but didn't want to just do another bookcase quilt, so rather than leave them to sit forever in the dark recesses of my sewing cabinet.

So I pulled them out and played around with some layouts I like and here's what I came up with

I'm liking it.  It's not too big and not too small - perfect for a couch blanket after I get it bound.  It's a weird mixture of happiness and sadness to finish up HP work - after all that is where I started a couple of years ago on  But after 5+ quilts with that theme, it's time to move forward to new fandoms.

or until they do another round of HP patterns.

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