Monday, January 18, 2016

Snape tribute (Alan Rickman RIP)

There are a few very special book series that have spoken to my heart and impacted me in big ways and among them is Harry Potter.  I was not a join in the merriment right away kind of fan, in fact it wasn't until book 4 that I even deigned to "look" through the book.  It took me a day and a half to wolf down the first one and I was hooked.

I've been asked by different friends and family what the big deal is.  I mean it's JUST a story about wizards and witches, right?  I can honestly say that the fact that they are witches and wizards is the least amazing part of this book.  It's more a story about a boy who overcomes hard things and forms his own family since his literal flesh and blood do not act as family should.  It's a story about forgiving, supporting, and forming relationships that COULD have made him bitter and sad.  Instead he CHOOSES to be happy - and then fight for happiness for others in his same situation.  He does not back down when faced with scary/difficult/nerve wracking/frustrating problems - instead he chooses to face them, with his carefully formed family supporting him, even when the world would tell him to give up.  And, perhaps my favorite part?  He does the right things, because they are the right things - even when they are the hard things.

So of course like millions of fans - when I heard of Alan Rickman's passing a few days ago - my heart grieved.  Alan portrayed Professor Snape, perhaps the most misunderstood, misjudged person in the series who, in the final end of the book proves his worth, and his love all along.  I don't usually love movie versions of books, but in this case the character was so well portrayed that I can't help but join in paying tribute to the man who brought the character to life.

and so I share this tribute for any other HP fans out there.

Pattern by Kristi Lehane of Peach Blossom Patterns

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